The Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) website is an industry-focused source of curated insights and data on the Domain Name System (DNS) industry – a place to hear directly from subject matter experts about relevant policy and governance news, DNS security and technology topics, and to provide industry data, insights and analysis on a regular schedule.

This site is sponsored by Verisign, the publisher of a quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief report for more than a decade. The report is now published on each quarter, summarizing the state of the domain name industry through a variety of statistical and analytical research.

Expanding on the quarterly reports,’s interactive dashboards offer data on the domain name base, registrations and renewals, and security, stability and resiliency trends to help gain insight into the state of the DNS. The site also features regular insights from subject matter experts on relevant policy, security and technology, and industry trends and serves as a stand-alone resource for leaders, policymakers and technologists in and around the DNS industry.

We are open to collaboration with subject matter experts on topics relevant to the DNS industry and hearing from policymakers, operators, and security professionals. If you are a subject-matter expert who would like to explore a key industry topic with us, please email us at [email protected].

The need for information and expert insight has always been important to our industry. The DNIB website is designed to serve the global DNS community, building on the existing quarterly report with expanded data, new tools for user exploration, and new insights from experts – all focused on the DNS.