Starting with the June 2023 launch of the dashboards, and now in the newly published Q2 2023 Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) Quarterly Report, the expanded DNIB data set includes information on 16 top-level domains (TLDs) not included in previous quarterly reports.

There are six newly included ccTLDs – .aq, .ax, .cw, .ss, .su and .sx – and 10 newly included gTLDs – .aero, .asia, .cat, .coop, .gov, .museum, .pro, .tel, .travel and .xxx. One effect of adding these TLDs to our data is that the Q2 2023 DNIB Quarterly Report’s period-over-period comparisons use updated baseline values for Q1 2023 and Q2 2022 from what was published in earlier DNIB quarterly reports.

For example, the Q2 2023 DNIB Quarterly Report shows an increase of 1.7 million domain name registrations across all TLDs, for a total of 356.6 million names. However, the Q1 2023 Quarterly Report listed a total of 354.0 million domain names registered across all TLDs, implying growth of 2.6 million names. But the inclusion of these 17 newly added TLDs increases the comparable Q1 2023 total number of domain names registered across all TLDs to 354.9 million names, resulting in the 1.7-million name quarter-over-quarter growth.

Adding these TLDs to the data set is made practical by the introduction of’s live dashboards, featuring updated current and historical data as it becomes available. Historical comparisons are easily made using the dashboards, enabling quarterly reports to stay focused on an accurate view of the state of Domain Name System (DNS) data, as available at publication.

In’s new Global Domain Name Base Trends dashboard, the “Domain Name Base by TLD” section offers historical detail. Users can filter TLDs directly on the dashboard to explore details about these 16 newly added TLDs using the “Line View” capability. As noted in the methodology statement, we do not update or reissue quarterly reports but instead refer users to the DNIB dashboards, which are updated monthly. will continue to keep users apprised of changes in data availability or methodology. If you’d like more data on the DNS or individual TLDs, visit the DNIB Global Domain Name Base Trends dashboard, where you can search by TLD, explore trends and find historical data.

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Andy Simpson | 5 min. read